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Last week I left my ‘eyebrows’ at Paul’s house. I have a duplicate makeup kit in my bedside cabinet at his house, but I only have one eyebrow kit that has to travel around with me- no duplicate of that little compact of wizardry. It made me realise how different I look without the finishing touch of eyebrows that frame my face. I think without them I look a bit odd and unfinished. 
I also think my eyebrows are an indicator of my age if they are left au naturel. Why is this? You may also be in the same boat – many of us are. 
Do you know which colours to wear that will accentuate your eyes and enhance your natural colouring?.A top tip is to echo your eye colour in your make up if you want to be sure the colours suit you... 
Step 5 is all about the finishing touches of accessories and make up.