One to one packages, workshops and online programs - take your pick 

Crack Your Style Code £397 

The Crack Your Style Code Package is all about helping you define and develop your personal style so that you will make informed choices about what you wear and take the stress out of getting dressed. 
You like to make an effort with how you look but aren't always 100% confident that you get it right... and can't quite put your finger on why. 
Sometimes you can get dressed and feel fantastic, you're in your power and nothing is going to stop you. Other days you can get dressed and nothing feels right, you go out feeling rubbish and you're definitely not on top form. 
Depending on your priorities we will create your session to best suit your needs. We could look at which colours and styles suit you best, how to accessorise and make the most of your features, understanding your style personality etc...we'll decide on the best plan of action when we book in your date - allow half a day for this.  

Wardrobe Alchemy £990 

The Wardrobe Alchemy Package is where the magic happens. (Alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination...) 
By investing in yourself at this level we can really take a deep dive into your relationship with your wardrobe. I'm not following a manual or a set method to get the transformational results I achieve with clients from this package...they speak of this as 'being Lisa'd'. 
It's an intuitive process, there will be some coaching involved as well as style consultancy. There might be style 'rules' for you to follow if that's what you need; we will look at which colours and styles suit you best, how to accessorise and make the most of your features to ramp up your personal style. 
The real benefit of this package is that you save time and money as you properly start to understand your style personality and that means no more unworn clothes languishing in your wardrobe. 
Speaking of which I'll be taking a look at what's in it if you want me to - helping you sort what should be in the charity bag and putting your clothes together (in a way that you may have never considered) to style outfits from your own wardrobe that wow! 
Ultimately, this package is about learning what is just right for YOU and creating an empowered attitude to your appearance - you'll be feeling fantastic and looking vibrant - glowing from the inside out. This game changing package is best spread over 2-3 sessions.  

Look & Feel the Business £2397 

Exciting details coming soon...but just as a little taster - this package is really a full on power package for you and your personal brand.  
You might be a speaker, trainer, business leader or coach of some kind - but you're definitely putting yourself out there and ready to take things to the next level with how you visually communicate - that can be when you're in front of an audience of some kind, photos on your website or on social media.  
It's about looking the part and being recognised ... 
You’re really good at what you do and want your image and how you present yourself to reflect that level of expertise.  
You’re a trailblazer, a leader, a game changer; you’re helping people change the world. 
You’re a competent, capable woman; you are gaining credibility in your field, seen as an authority in your niche. 
You know that things are ok but you want them to be amazing, you want your style and image to convey your competence and confidence.  
You deserve to feel on top of your game every day and you know how the right outfit choice can help transform you from drab to fab and help you feel in your power. 
You want your physical appearance in real life and on social media to support and strengthen your message....personal branding Lisa style - helping you say who you are without having to speak... - personal style, colour psychology, photo shoot prep etc. 

Colour Analysis 

Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will have a natural glow once you learn which colours truly suit you best. 
Colour analysis is about finding out which shades really enhance your natural radiance. 
My background in design and the colour forecasting industry really comes into its own when I deliver colour analysis - I confidently call myself an expert around all things colour. 
I can do your consultation online and provide you with your 'seasonal' colours or provide a more detailed analysis face to face which includes your season but goes more in depth and we discover your 'wow' colours. 
There's a handy swatch of your seasonal palette to keep in your handbag for future reference and you also benefit from ongoing 'selfie support' - you can drop me a message any time if you're not quite sure about something. 
£197 or £97 for online analysis 

5 Steps to Effortless Style One Day Workshop 

Still wearing the same old clothes, day in day out, even though your wardrobe’s stuffed? 
Feel like crap when you leave a changing room? 
Sick of wasting money on impulse buys that don’t go with anything in your wardrobe? 
Want to feel stylish and comfy – not frumpy – in your clothes instead? 
Want to feel confident when you’re buying clothes? 
Then come and join me in Nottingham at my fab, one-day workshop and discover the 5 Steps to Effortless Style. See here for the next available date. 
£99 or £33 in 3 instalments 

Clothes Clinic 

New for 2018!! 
You may have completed the 5 Steps to Effortless Style and are now ready to deepen your understanding or you may just have a clothes quandary that you'd like advice on. 
These sessions are designed to be the bridge between a larger group workshop and a one to one consultation. There is no preset agenda - the session topics will be decided by the attendees so I can make sure I'm answering specific queries on the day. 
There are a max of 6 places each session and I'm expecting them to be popluar so early booking is recommended.  
See here for dates 

Make Up Masterclass 

Hand on heart how do you feel about make-up…especially as a woman of a certain age? 
Are you a make-up AVOIDER because… 
you don’t know how to put it on? 
you’re worried you’ll look like a clown? 
you don’t have time for all that make-up malarkey - you’re a busy lady? 
who’s been applying it the same way for eons and don’t know how to change your routine? 
because you’ll spend a small fortune at fancy make-up counters but then can’t recreate that same look at home? 
because you’ll wear it but you feel self-conscious and can’t wait to get the baby wipes out when you close the front door? 
Or are you a make-up WORRY WART who… 
sits happily through make-up lessons from your daughter, but the end results makes you feel like mutton dressed as lamb? 
is too scared to talk to the fancy make-up counter girls, so you play make-up roulette instead and grab the shiniest lippies and blushers that catch your eye? 
feels like you should make more of an effort but you have no idea how to start? 
Many of my clients fall into these categories. 
They tell me that as they get older, they kind of lose their way when it comes to make-up. 
And I can see how this impacts on their confidence. As a qualified Make-up Artist and Style Coach, I knew I needed to come up with a solution to help. 
SO I created the Make-up Masterclass and I’m so excited to share it with you! 
It’s time to get your face on girls! 

5 Steps to Effortless Style Online Version 

The next best thing to attending my real life workshop...Watch the videos and work through the steps to create your own personalised 'dressing by numbers' formula. Includes a bonus 30 minute consultation call. 
You’ll learn: 
• all about your style personality – what your style is and what this means 
• which colours suit you best and how to put them together 
• the best styles and shapes to flatter your body shape 
• how to create a capsule wardrobe that fits around you and your lifestyle 
• how to choose accessories & apply make-up to accentuate your best bits 
Which means in the long-run, you’ll save: 
• tons of time – no more faffing around in clothes shops, you’ll know what you want and where you’re going to buy it from before you even leave the house 
• loads of money - impulse buying will be a thing of the past, and there’ll be no more ‘that’ll do’ purchases ever again 
• your stress levels from soaring because you won’t need to do any ‘emergency shops’ or panic buys if you get a surprise invitation and you will always gravitate towards the right clothes to flatter your shape 
And once you've worked through the steps… 
• you’ll have your very own personalised, practical, easy-to-follow guide to getting dressed (not stressed)… kind of like a ‘dressing by numbers’ remedy that’s just for you 
• your style confidence will soar! 
• you’ll be so excited to start building your capsule wardrobe, you might have to go straight to the shops when you’re done 
• you’ll know how to dress for every occasion and be the comfortable, stylish & sassy ‘REAL’ you 
£127 (or 3 instalments) 

Wardrobe Wobble Consultation Call 

Bank as part of a package or just use in a Wardrobe Wobble Emergency. One to one, personalised advice whatever the wobble. Ideal for quick fixes when you just don't know what to wear. Can be phone or Skype up to 30 minutes. 
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