Packages & Prices 

I have created the VIP 'Pick and Mix' menu so that my premium colour analysis and style packages can be adapted to suit your personal taste, nothing is set in stone and packages can be tweaked. You create your own perfect package that will cover all your colour and styling needs without stress. Don't worry if you're not in Nottingham a lot of my style consultant services can be accessed virtually. 
Create your colour analysis and style journey by selecting which bespoke services you would like from the selection below 
Don't panic if you're not sure what you need I can help you with that  
Tot up how many credits you need 
Choose your package level – payment plans available on all packages, just ask. 
1 credit £99 
Gold Package 
4 credits for £396 
Amazing value for investing in colour analysis and personal style essentials.  
Allow a half day OR split over a couple of sessions. 
You could team up with a friend and enjoy a joint colour and make up session. 
Platinum Package 
13 credits for £990 
A popular colour and style package which enables you invest in your personal image and select the services that suit your requirements. Bonus ‘shopping selfie support’ via instant messaging for up to 6 months.  
This can be a full day intensive package plus research OR split over several sessions. 
Diamond Package 
£200 pcm 
The ultimate bespoke mentoring package which takes care of your total style/image/personal branding needs. 
This ultimate package is tweaked to suit your specific colour, style and image requirements. 
Ongoing support for your style journey. 

Colour Analysis 

Your eyes will sparkle and your skin will have a natural glow once you learn which colours really suit you best during your colour analysis. You’ll receive a handy swatch of your seasonal palette and personal ‘wow’ colours to keep in your handbag for future reference. 
2 credits (£197) 
or £97 for online analysis  

Wardrobe Weed 

Got a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? Let’s get it sorted with a thorough wardrobe weeding session so you can get dressed without stress. This service can be done within Nottingham and the East Midlands, further afield may incur mileage costs. 
*assuming you know your season 
4 credits 

Personal Branding 

Your style speaks volumes about you before you even open your mouth. This session digs deep you get to your authentic self in terms of style and image and makes sure it matches how you want to be perceived in real life and social media/online. Especially brilliant for women in business who need that perfect personal brand to give them a competitive edge. 
4 credits 

Inbox Outfit Boards 

Need outfit ideas? Short on time or just hate shopping? Personal shopping with a style consultant without leaving your armchair. I will create an with a outfit board for you, taking your brief into consideration. These style boards are linked directly to online shopping so all you need to do is click to buy. 
1 credit 

Personal Shopper 

You might have a special occasion coming up or just want to refresh your wardrobe and image for the season …I’ll come shopping with you and show you how to find things in your colours, in styles to suit your image and personal brand, find accessories etc - a full style consultant experience. 
4 credits 

Capsule Concept 

Wouldn't’t it be great if all the clothes in your wardrobe could be put together in endless combinations. We discuss your personal style, image, lifestyle and general clothing needs then I’ll create a capsule wardrobe concept for you. Showing you how to style the items from your own wardrobe and identifying gaps. 
4 credits 

Body Analysis 

Feel and look great knowing that you are wearing the most flattering key shapes and styles to suit your body shape. You’ll receive a bespoke style file to guide you. 
2 credits 

Make Up Lesson 

A totally personalised one to one lesson where you can learn how to make the most of your features. Bring your make-up bag and I will teach you how to best use products you already own or we can use my kit. 
2 credits 

Style Personality 

When you discover you true, innate style personality you'll naturally feel good. You're letting yourself shine. Being comfortable in your own style raises your confidence. 
2 credits 

Finishing Touches 

Discover how to choose and use accessories to finish off your unique look. We'll look at your style personality, balance and proportion.  
1 credit 

Say Goodbye to WTF Syndrome 

This life changing online program is for anyone who has (or has ever had) WTF* Syndrome. *Wardrobe That’s Failing. Includes 2x 20 minutes consultation calls. 

Make Up Maven Online Masterclass 

Boost your natural beauty without the clown nightmares. Make up video tutorials especially created for women of a certain age! 

5 Steps to Effortless Style Online 

Watch the videos and work through the steps to create your own personalised 'dressing by numbers' formula. Includes a bonus 30 minute consultation call.  
£127 (or 3 instalments) 

I'm Tearing My Hair Out Emergency Call 

Buy as part of a package and bank it or just use in a Wardrobe Wobble Emergency. Ideal for quick fixes when you just don't know what to wear. Can be phone or Skype up to 30 minutes. 
0.5 credit (or £50)