No judgment, no fashion police, just compassion and fun combined with expert knowledge and over 30 years experience! 

My Background 

I graduated from Loughborough College of Art with a BA Hons in Textiles and Fashion. I then worked as a designer, creating printed fabric for the fashion industry and in the specialist area of the colour forecasting industry, predicting trends.My work was distributed in many High Street stores including Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Burtons, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer, BHS, Littlewoods, Monsoon and Next; as well as many American brands. 
I moved on to teaching others how to design and gained a PGCE (teaching qualification) during my time as a college lecturer and manager in Further and Higher Education. I'm also a qualified make-up artist and feature regularly on BBC Radio Nottingham and Notts TV. Oh, and I've been on Newark Radio and am a published author for  
My business now is all about colour, personal styling and image, including personal branding. I'm not your usual image consultant, my work is more about compassion than fashion, if I have to sum up what I do in 3 words they'd be colour, clothes and confidence. I'm Nottingham based but have online programmes so I can still be your personal style consultant wherever you are.  

My Life 

I live in Nottingham with my partner Paul and our blended family that consists of my teenage son, Paul's daughter and our crazy French bulldog, Ruby. I love pink, glitter, leopard print and flamingos 
I like camping (particularly in nice weather). I am a competent knitter and can crochet; when I first moved to Nottingham I lived with a part time drag queen over what used to be a sex shop.  
I’ve spent a lot of time in hospital because of a dodgy hip which was finally replaced when I was 46. My ambition is to be on This Morning with The Schofe! 
My business name My Ruby Slippers Style Academy was inspired by the quote from Glinda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz “ You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.’  

My Philosophy 

Working with me is not about turning you into someone else - it's about expressing the best version of you through your personal style. 
Throughout my career I have coached and mentored people towards personal goals and I've basically taken my all the best bits of my roles, combined them with my passion and created my perfect job as an image consultant with a specialism in colour analysis and personal branding. 
You know that feeling when you put something on and you feel fantastic, you are totally rocking it and nothing is going to knock you off your perch? When you wear that outfit you are looking good, feeling fabulous and feel like you can conquer the world? My mission is to help you feel like that every time you get dressed! 
When you know what really suits you and have totally nailed your authentic style, so that you truly feel like the real you, you'll sparkle and shine from the inside and out. That's what I will help you do... 
It doesn't matter if you can't get to me in Nottingham as I have online options for my style workshops, colour analysis and all my personal styling services. Check out my services tab for more details.  
I'm not your typical image consultant, personal stylist, colour consultant, personal shopper or style coach. There's no judgment or fashion police - just compassion and fun combined with over 30 years experience! 
I work with the ‘Jane Smiths’ of this world; those of us who want our own identity but have lost their style mojo somewhere along the way - maybe it was left behind while we were busy looking after everyone else. 
Haven’t we all felt a bit like Jane at some point? Young at heart but sometimes not feeling it when you look in the mirror. You want to look good and feel fabulous without spending lots of time and money. You feel too old to follow the latest fashion, but still want to be on trend. You don't feel ready to dress like your mum but you don't want to be mutton dressed as lamb either. Ultimately you want body confidence and an empowered attitude to your appearance by feeling fantastic and looking vibrant - glowing from the inside out. 
You want to have your own style; you want to say something about who you are while feeling comfortable and confident when you get dressed. You want to know which colours and styles suit you best, how to accessorise and make the most of your features but without it all taking up loads of your precious time. 
I have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt… and I know it doesn’t have to be that way which is why I'm on a mission to empower other women to look good and feel fabulous so they can go conquer the world!